The Third Age Fair was a two day event that aims to raise the general public’s health awareness – this year’s slogan was “Let’s re-enter youth together.”

The event took place at the Belgrade Fair hall and was held between the 25th and 26th of May.

The aim of the fair is to generate as much exposure about health related topics. The event is split up into three main sections – Cultural areas which are meant to be amusing and promote learning in a relatable and easy manner, educational areas and an exhibition area where company’s within the healthcare/pharmaceutical industry can have allocated stands.

In an effort to promote health awareness, all of the attendees were encouraged to put their health status to the test by checking their blood pressure and sugar, bone density, hearing, vision and more – for free.

AbelaPharm’s Dr.Andreja Miricki, held a lecture during the event, emphasizing the importance of preventing cardiovascular diseases.

The Swiss pharmaceutical company spoke about CARDIOvitamin a cardiovascular product bearing the AbelaPharm trademark – The company further engaged with the crowd by encouraging attendees to ask health related questions and later handed out prizes to reward the crowd’s inter activeness and genuine interest.

The event was a complete success with a turnout of over 10,000 attendees over the course of two days.