Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Zorana Vasiljević
  • Prof. Dr. Nenad Ugrešić

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Swiss pharmaceutical producer, AbelaPharm presented their cardiovascular product, CARDIOvitamin  – a unique product intended for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases – at a conference held in Belgrade, at the Metropol hotel.

The event aimed to raise health awareness, specifically regarding cardiovascular diseases as well as preventative measures that can be taken – around 36,000 people suffer from heart attacks and strokes in Serbia annually.

Some of the preventative measures that were emphasized on are:

  • Reducing/Quitting smoking
  • Lowering and monitoring blood pressure levels
  • Lowering and monitoring cholesterol levels
  • Being cautious about blood sugar levels in order to reduce the chances of diabetes

An extremely important topic was addressed, that is closely intertwined with heart disease: Homocysteine – When an individual is in a state of Hyperhomocysteinemia , they are at a greater risk of developing a cardiovascular disease, since it can contribute to arterial damage as well as severe blood clotting.

Dr. Nenad Ugrešić – Head of the Department of Pharmacology at the School of Pharmacy in Belgrade said : “ It is important to know that homocysteine damages blood vessels. This in turn may increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

CARDIOvitamin® is a unique product in our market, as it contains an optimal combination of vitamins which act to reduce homocysteine in the blood. ”

Since most individuals are unaware of the dangers related to high levels of Homocysteine – the topic was spoken about in depth.

Dr.Ugrešić added: “ CARDIOvitamin® is especially recommended, together with acetylsalicylic acid – such as aspirin or others like it – since their combination is powerful and contributes to an “optimal antiplatelet effect”, keep blood vessel damage to a minimum. ”

Dr. Zorana Vasiljevic – Specialist in Internal Medicine, said: “ Due to a genetic predisposition, more than 58% of people in Serbia alone, are unable to successfully convert folic acid into it’s active form, which results in an increase in homocysteine levels.”

Dr. Vasiljevic added: “ This is why the consumption of CARDIOvitamin is especially recommended, since the product contains an active form of folic acid, which lowers homocysteine levels, thus helping to further reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes. ”

CARDIOvitamin, can be obtained easily from almost any pharmacy in Serbia and it’s many benefits can be experienced from a capsule a day.