Keynote speakers present:

  • Dr. Valentina Marinković, professor, PhD (Serbia)
  • Dr. Jun Ni, professor, PhD (USA)
  • Dr. Numar Durakbasa, professor, PhD (Austria)
  • Dr. Guenter Arndt, professor, PhD (Australia)

AbelaPharm sponsored one of the most important seminars in Serbia this year, regarding International Quality.

JUSK 2016, took place from May 31st – June 3rd and was held at the University of Belgrade in the faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

This year’s conference was quite different in comparison to the previous years since, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Development were all present.

Specific methods of quality and system management principles were presented appropriately to target multiple industries – Engineering, Military, Pharmaceutical and National Metrology.

AbelaPharm’s production manager – Ms. Olivera Colic gave an opening speech, expressing how honored the Swiss pharmaceutical company was to be involved in such an important event.

As part of JUSK this year, a scientific and technical panel committee within the pharmaceutical industry was created by the name of: “Quality management in drug distribution during cold chain regime.”

Ms. Nada Tršić-Milanović – AbelaPharm’s Quality and assurance manager further added to this topic by explaining the importance of cold chain in regard to probiotic distribution.

Ms.Tršić-Milanović, explained that maintaining cold chain during the early stages of probiotic production is crucial to ensure that end products have the highest levels of both quality and safety.