We are pleased to announce that AbelaPharm Swiss producer, one of the leaders in the field of probiotic production in the Balkans, has officially acquired the production facility from German pharmaceutical company STADA in a nearby surrounding of Belgrade.

This is the second factory owned by AbelaPharm, where more than 6 million Euros have been invested over the last year and a half in the equipment, machinery, plants, production processes and manufacturing licenses acquired from prominent European and global companies
During the development of our company, the turning point occurred more than ten years ago, when the first probiotic preparation Bulardi® was produced. Nowadays, the most significant part of AbelaPharm’s portfolio is a wide range of probiotic products. In the past year, over a million packages have been produced.
AbelaPharm Swiss, for which the factory produces, expects that this acquisition will propel AbelaPharm among one of the most prominent probiotic producers in Europe.

The pharmaceutical production facility in Stari Banovci, where over 4 million Euros have been invested for its construction and equipment, will be further modernized by the adaptation, expansion and purchase of new machines, enabling significant expansion of AbelaPharm Swiss, which already sells its products in the European Union market, in the Balkans and Africa, and is going to expand in Asian market as well.

In 2017 AbelaPharm was the first one to introduce a unique, innovative flow pack technology, enabling all PVDC blister packs to be additionally protected by an external three-layer bag filled with inert gas. It obtains Oxygen barrier properties and provides maximum protection against external influences – Oxygen, humidity and light.

The company aims to invest significant funds in the development of new production programs and technologies, and in the improvement of the existing ones. However, our employees are the most valuable assets; therefore, we will keep on investing in the staff. The success is mostly due to the highly educated staff, accounting for over 70% of AbelaPharm’s employees, including specialists, research associates of the Universities, PhDs and renowned international experts.

We hope that this acquisition will develop and strengthen our partnership.


Predrag Moskovljevic

CEO, AbelaPharm Swiss