Cough & Cold

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Our range of cough & cold products promise our end users’ ENT related health improvements.

PropoMucil® Saches

Get rid of mucus, breathe freely

PropoMucil® is a completely natural product, made from natural Propolis and N-Acetylcysteine.

Due to the powerful duo of ingredients – PropoMucil® is recommended for individuals faced with respiratory problems since it is able to dissolve, loosen and get rid of mucus!

Dual action – Double effect dissolves mucus and clears the lungs.

• High antimicrobial and antibacterial efficacy
• Boosts lung and respiratory system immunity
• Clinically proven

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PropoMucil® Syrups

Get rid of mucus, breathe freely

PropoMucil® syrup for adults is made up natural Propolis and N-acetylcysteine – this powerful duo dissolves, loosens and gets rid of mucus all together!

PropoMucil® syrup for kids is made up of the same two key components – natural Propolis and N-acetylcysteine – but is infused with Honey, Marshmallow liquid and Rosehip, in order to boost childrens’ immune systems and eliminate mucus from blocked airways.

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PropoMucil® Pastiles and Capsules

The power of natural N-acetylcysteine and extra Propolis, enriched with Zinc and Vitamin C

PropoMucil® pastilles provide relief to: Throat pain and inflammation as well as Mouth Ulcers.

N-acetylcysteine actively reduces the production of bacterial biofilms and in turn allows the Propolis to have an antimicrobial effect, while the Zinc and Vitamin C present provide a boost to immune systems.

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PropoMucil® Nasal Sprays

Get rid of mucus, breathe freely

PropoMucil® and PropoMucil® EXTRA STRONG nasal spray is made up of a unique blend of ingredients that actively aid in:

• The removal of nasal bacteria, viruses and Fungi
• The reduction and overall elimination of mucus
• Easing nasal blockage as well as inflammation

PropoMucil® allergy nasal spray, coats the upper respiratory tract in a protective layer in order to prevent the inhalation of airborne allergens.

It also contributes to successfully reducing the production of histamines and thus lowers the chances of: Sneezing, itching, post-nasal drip and nasal congestion.

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PropoMucil® Throat Sprays

Dual action – Double effect

PropoMucil® throat spray:

• Actively reduces Throat pain and inflammation
• Eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi found in the throat
• Significantly dilutes secretion in respiratory tracts

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Herbiko® Syrups

For different types of coughs

Herbiko® is able to help with the relief of all types of coughs, due to the specific ingredients it is made up of.

Due to the active ingredients that make up Herbiko®, the syrup is able to suppress dry coughs.

• Comes in a large family sized pack
• Is used by a number of recognized Pediatricians and Pulmonologists

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Herbiko® Syrups with Honey

Due to its unique herbal composition, HERBIKO® syrup helps with all types of coughs.

HERBIKO® soothes dry coughs as well as combats thick mucus, and helps to prevent their reoccurrence.

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