Digestive health

Good health starts in the stomach. There are as many as 70% of all immune cells in our gut. Therefore, probiotics are vital not only for a healthy digestive system, but also for overall health.

AbelaPharm has formulated a line of probiotics which, besides containing scientifically proven, the most effective probiotic cultures, is packed in an innovative packaging. Flow pack technology guarantees the stability and quality of AbelaPharm probiotics.

Bulardi Probiotic capsules

There are so many probiotics but there is only one BULARDI

Bulardi® probiotic stops diarrhea immediately, normalizes bowel function, relieves the symptoms, and shortens the duration of diarrhea.

  • DOMINANT – Bulardi cell is 10 times bigger than any other probiotic cell.
  • SPECIAL – Faster, better and safer way to eliminate toxins from the gut.
  • DIFFERENT – It can be taken along with antibiotics.
  • INNOVATIVE – Stability and quality of probiotic cells are guaranteed by innovative hi-tech flow pack.

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Probiotic EnteroBiotik

Good probiotic ENTEROBIOTIK®

Good probiotic Enterbiotik® accelerates the elimination of harmful bacteria and toxins, prevents the binding of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as spreading of toxins, thus contributing to managing stomach problems and regulating the intestinal balance that has been disturbed. The active ingredients in the preparation secrete bacterial enzymes that destroy the pathogens.

  • Effective and safe support to gut microbiota
  • Daily dose of protection ≥ 5.5 billion of probiotic cultures in 1 capsule
  • FlowPack packaging guarantees stability and quality


Natural solution for IBS symptoms

One of the world’s most well-documented probiotic bacteria (The discovery and characterization of lp299v is based on the work of over 200 researchers, documented in more than 100 publications, including more than 50 clinical studies, confirming the efficacy and safety of Flobian) is intended primarily for people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome because it helps to:

  • eliminate gases,
  • reduce bloating,
  • relieve pain in the stomach and
  • regulate the dynamics of bowel movements.

Stability and quality of Flobian is guaranteed by innovative hi-tech flow pack.

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First recommendation of pediatricians

BebiCol® probiotic drops contain one of the most thoroughly studied probiotic strains in the world. The scientific name for the probiotic strain in BebiCol® drops is Lactobacillus rhamnosus GGIts effectiveness and safety has been proved in numerous studies in adults, as well as with children and newborns.

BebiCol® differentiates from all other probiotics due to the fact that more than 1,000 scientific and clinical researches have been conducted on the probiotic.