At AbelaPharm, we believe that the key to success lies within a powerful combination of striving to attain never ending medical knowledge and implementing it in the most innovative ways possible. Our innovative practices and technology are at the core of everything we stand for.

We are committed to and believe in the research, development and implementation of revolutionary technology and practices in order to produce the highest quality grade of dietary supplements, medical devices and medicinal pharmaceutical products.

AbelaPharm was the first pharmaceutical company to implement Flow Pack technology which allows PVDC blister packs to be protected in a unique and innovative way, as the product is sheltered by three-layered bags that are filled with an inert gas.

Flow Pack technology is especially important to ensure the quality and safety of products while aiding in the production and storage of AbelaPharm probiotics. The laminated foil acts as a barrier against external factors (moisture, oxygen, humidity and light) while the inert gas – nitrogen – aims to stabilize and preserve the product by eliminating chances of oxidization. The addition of nitrogen gas was found to be crucial since the probiotic bacteria are anaerobic organisms, sensitive to oxygen.

In an effort to deliver our promise of excellence, AbelaPharm’s Flow Pack technology delivers both quality and safety to it’s end users.

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