Men’s health

AbelaPharm’s product line for Men’s Health is comprised of 3 unique products, designed to enhance both desire and experience.

African Plum®

Never goes down!

African Plum® contains a key ingredient – Beta Sitosterol which, increases blood flow to erectile tissues in male genitalia, thus improving the frequency and durability of erections.

African Plum® helps:

• Achieve erections
• Sustain erections
• Increase sexual desire
• Reduce erectile disorders caused by Prostate related issues

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African Plum FORTE®

African Plum FORTE® can help if you are being faced with any of the following:

• Problems achieving erections
• Problems maintaining erections
• Suffer from a low libido
• Are faced with Prostate problems

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African Plum Drops®

Limited edition

African Plum Drops® are stronger, more potent and comfortable to consume.

African Plum Drops® are an essential part of Men’s Health since they uniquely enhance male performance and libido while normalizing Prostate as well as Urinary Tract functionality.

African Plum Drops® are more powerful since they contain 7 times higher concentration levels of Betasitosterol, African Plum bark extract, Wheat germ oil and Vitamin E.

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