Our innovative production practices, promise end users the highest quality grade of pharmaceuticals.

AbelaPharm currently caters to over 100 million people in multiple regions including The European Union, The Middle East and Northern Africa.

The company’s entire production process is strictly monitored and regulated in order to ensure consistency in product quality as well as safety. Our production lines are following rigorous production standards and are run by latest generation equipment. Liquid, powder, oral solids forms – we guarantee safety and quality of our manufacturing units

Liquid pharmaceutical form production line

Solid pharmaceutical form production line

Powder pharmaceutical form production line

AbelaPharm has collaborated with experts from Canadian Rosell-Lallemand Institute and Swedish company Probi in order to produce completely natural and safe products for our end users.

In 2017, AbelaPharm was the first company to introduce and implement Flow Pack technology to its products – allowing all PVDC blister packs to be further protected by three external bag layers containing an inert gas. The Nitrogen-filled bags act as protective barriers to external factors such as light, temperature and humidity.

The company’s production is carried out among three factories that are run in a strictly professional manner. Health and safety regulations are firmly enforced to ensure the safety of both employees as well as end users.

Our production facilities


The first AbelaPharm factory – located in Belgrade – first began operations in 2001.
Today, this branch alone produces over 7 million packages per year, focusing on the production of dietary supplements, medical devices and common goods – all in accordance with the GMP.


This branch – located in Stari Banovci is the second factory to have been opened with an initial investment of over 4 million euros. AbelaPharm spared no cost in order to ensure that the facility is equipped with the most advanced equipment. – purchased directly from German STADA Group in April of 2019. The main aim of opening this branch was to expand the company’s production capabilities.


The facility based in Barice is AbelaPharm’s third factory, with manufacturing capabilities of more than 20 million pharmaceutical products annually. This branch allowed the company to further increase its production capabilities, and increase market share growth rates in the fields of gastroenterology, cardiology, pulmonology and rheumatology.

By 2021, AbelaPharm intends to be exporting more than 70% of it’s products across European, African and Asian markets.
The company intends to do so by further re-investing into it’s people, equipment and production methods while remaining sustainable and environmentally responsible.