Bones, Joints & Muscles

AbelaPharm’s premium product line enriches and improves Musculoskeletal health.


Healthier Articular cartilage

Exedol® capsules bioactive nature, promote the restoration and elasticity of cartilage.

Exedol®, is especially recommended alongside Glucosamine as well as Chondroitin based products in order to provide relief in cases of Osteoarthritis.

Exedol® spray for pain-free movement, contains active ingredients that:

• Relieve pain
• Improve blood circulation
• Increase blood flow

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Bringing you healthier bones and joints

K2D3® is made up of two essential components – Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3, both of which strengthen and improve the Musculoskeletal system, while restoring full joint mobility.

K2D3® is carefully produced in accordance to the strictest quality and safety standards, in order to ensure a premium grade product for end users’.

K2D3® is a gluten-free, herbal capsule, safe enough for anyone to ingest.

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For Joints and Muscles

Zglobex® is a fast acting product that:

• Reduces the inflammation of joints
• Prevents the destruction of essential tissues
• Prevents the damage caused to cartilage and joints
• Reduces pain and in turn increases mobility

In order to achieve the fastest results, Zglobex® capsules as well as Zglobex® topical solution/cream are recommended to be used simultaneously.

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Relax® Zglobex®

Relax your muscles

Relax® Zglobex® is a uniquely blended product, containing essential ingredients needed to promote proper muscle function.

Relax® Zglobex® helps to:

• Ease muscle cramps
• Reduce pain
• Reduce the frequency and duration of muscle cramps
• Improve circulation
• Preserve the elasticity of blood vessels

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