Vitamins and Minerals

Our Vitamin and Mineral line has been carefully researched and developed in order to help your body grow and function in an optimal manner.


Reach for your health

BiVits Activa Vitamins and Minerals are created to endorse your daily activities and to enforce creating of healthy habits. BiVits contributes to boosting and maintaining good health balance, and when that balance is reached, the feeling of happiness, fulfillment and motivation, grows.  In order to provide that good health balance, support and help you preserve your health, we have chosen active forms of top quality nutrients, whose safety and stability have been proven by various tests and analyzes, and its health efficiency has been scientifically proven.

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More than Magnesium

The Magnall® product line is a supplement made up of: Magnesium, vitamins and minerals – And is ideal for individuals who would like to increase their Magnesium intake.

The Magnall® range of products includes:

• Magnall® Marine Mineral
• Magnall® Direct
• Magnall® Sleep
• Magnall® Relax
• Magnall® Cardio
• Magnall® Immuno

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FolicPlus® – Active Folate

The latest generation of Folate

FolicPlus® is a gluten free, all natural, vegetable based product.

FolicPlus® capsules provide an active form of Folate and have 7 times greater bioavailability in comparison to regular Folic acid.

Numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies have proven FolicPlus® to be both essential as well as safe for individuals to ingest.

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Active B complex®

Active B Complex® is made up of essential B Vitamins which promote healthier, regulated body functionality.

Active B Complex® cotains a unique component – Active Folate – which provides the body with 9.7 x more bioavailability in comparison to normal Folic acid.

Active B Complex®:
• Supports the metabolic breakdown of Carbihydrates, Fat and Protein
• Supports growth and development
• Aids in the healthy functionality of the Nervous system
• Helps to maintain healthy levels of Cholesterol as well as Homocysteine levels

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Zinc Mineral®

Get the most of Zinc and Vitamin C

Zinc Mineral® is unique because a single capsule provides an individual with the daily recommended dose of Zinc and Vitamin C.

Zinc Mineral® is made for everyone to use, some of its benefits are:

• Immune system support
• Promotes DNA synthesis and cell division
• Supports fertilization and reproduction
• Provides energy without the use of caffeine
• Allows for advanced absorption

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