Weight management

AbelaPharm’s Herbafast® product line is designed to help with weight management.

Herbafast Lady® and Herbafast Gentleman®

Natural slimming

Herbafast Lady® capsules are made up of a special blend of patented Probiotic Yeasts and powerful Antioxidants, that work together to :

• Suppress hunger
• Reduce weight
• Eliminate bodily toxins
• Act as a natural fat burner (with the help of Capsaicin and Black pepper)
• Eliminate cellulite
• Prevent water retention
• Tighten the skin

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Herbafast Fiber®

For the reduction of body weight

Herbafast Fiber® is a plant based formula, targeted to promote weight loss.

Herbafast Fiber® helps:

• Create a feeling of being full
• Prevent the build up of fat
• Keep immune systems strong

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Herbafast detox®

Lymphatic drainage in the form of a capsule

Herbafast detox® aims to help users achieve weight loss at a healthy pace – The supplement also cleanses the body by releasing excess fluids and accumulated toxins.

Herbafast detox® promotes:

• Elimination of excess liquids
• Toxin removal
• Body detoxification
• Cellulite reduction

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